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Noemi Caldwell

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MessageSujet: noemi caldwell ▪️ @itsnoemi   noemi caldwell ▪️ @itsnoemi EmptyLun 11 Fév 2019 - 21:24

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"constantly wishing i was living in a book noemi caldwell ▪️ @itsnoemi 1f4d4 "
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@itsnoemi le 10/02/19
who's up?

@itsnoemi le 06/01/19
come on horny people, there are other places to shag than the library.

@itsnoemi le 28/11/18
okay, kinda want to move to australia now and find my sugar daddy. sigh.

@itsnoemi le 28/11/18
currently living my best life eating pizza in front of yummy mummies.

@itsnoemi le 10/10/18
so, what's the worst pick up line yall ever heard?


— we don't have to get loud to lose it, all we need is just me and you.
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 noemi caldwell ▪️ @itsnoemi
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