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MessageSujet: cordelia bates ▪️ @starryeyedgirl   cordelia bates ▪️ @starryeyedgirl EmptyMar 5 Fév 2019 - 21:00

( cordelia bates )
" l'amour, l'aventure et la vie. "
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@starryeyedgirl le 18/01/19
as they say, fall seven times but stand up eight.

@starryeyedgirl le 13/08/18
prove them wrong.

@starryeyedgirl le 10/02/18
this is not a dream, it's real. as real as the shiny little thing i'm wearing right now on my finger. #marriedfirstsight

@starryeyedgirl le 07/01/18
i can't keep calm 'cause i'm engaged!  cordelia bates ▪️ @starryeyedgirl 1562516737 well, i haven't meet him yet, but i'm sure they found the best match for me #marriedfirstsight

@starryeyedgirl le 21/10/17
baz luhrmann aesthetic is what i live for.
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 cordelia bates ▪️ @starryeyedgirl
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