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MessageSujet: ava irvin ▪️ @irvinava   ava irvin ▪️ @irvinava EmptySam 11 Aoû 2018 - 16:24

(ava irvin)
" ex actress - - acting agent looking for someone special. maybe you. "
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@irvinava le 09/08/18
hero of the day: the delivery guy.

@irvinava le 05/08/18
be as picky with your men as you are with your selfies.

@irvinava le 01/08/18
life is short. make each hair flip fabulous.

@irvinava le 27/07/18
how to have a beach body: 1- have a body. 2- go to the beach.

@irvinava le 24/07/18
cinderella never asked for a prince. she asked for a night off and a dress.
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MessageSujet: Re: ava irvin ▪️ @irvinava   ava irvin ▪️ @irvinava EmptyDim 19 Aoû 2018 - 13:09

@avanator a demandé:
if you were given the opportunity to act again, would you do it? what kind of character would you play?
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 ava irvin ▪️ @irvinava
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