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MessageSujet: oz nevill ▪️ @aristopunk   Ven 8 Juin 2018 - 13:45

(oz nevill)
" yes, it is me. i am da wizard of oz. "
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@aristopunk le 01/06/18
man, fuck this shit.

@aristopunk le 02/06/18
well. that was unexpected.

@aristopunk le 05/06/18
did anybody know that threatening to slap ducks with your penis while drunk could get you in trouble in the uk ? well, i do know.

@aristopunk le 07/06/18
man, 1789 really was lit. the french did THAT.

@aristopunk le 15/06/18
that new ariana song.... whitney houston is shaking in her grave.


( apollinariya )
we are children, of dust and ashes. but when we fall in love we wake up - and we are a god and angels weep. but if i die here tonight, i die in my sleep.

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MessageSujet: Re: oz nevill ▪️ @aristopunk   Dim 9 Sep 2018 - 17:22

@siuytr a demandé:
why did your parents name you oz ?
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 oz nevill ▪️ @aristopunk
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