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MessageSujet: rome moriarty ▪️ @romeantique   Sam 19 Mai 2018 - 0:43

(roman moriarty)
" pray as though everything depended on god. work as though everything depended on you. "
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@romeantique le 17/05/18
okay can y'all STOP asking me what's the word play behind my @ it's REALLY NOT THAT DEEP.   (but wink wink, it's french)

@romeantique le 16/05/18
not to be that guy, but, yeah, i'm really satisfied with the wordplay behind my username. my poor wig.

@romeantique. le 10/05/18
happy feast of the ascension to all ! may god bless you.

@romeantique le 08/03/18
full offense, but how on earth can canadians have a prime minister who's so good looking ? no homo, just stating facts here.  

@romeantique le 20/02/18
i want a cat. one of those weird looking cats with tiny legs. i want one. please. give me the kitty.
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 rome moriarty ▪️ @romeantique
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